La Luna Social Jasper Chapter

Why I gather…


"Have you ever had the experience of asking for something and it magically appears within a day or an hour?  This is the living flow of Shakti.  Deep within us lies this power, an unstoppable primal force teeming with life and overflowing passion.  If you have no resistance then you will experience its bliss which screams ‘life’ to all your senses and soul.  When we cut ourselves off from this loving expression of power, it consumes us in other ways…”



I am a twenty- something, Yogi, Teacher, Writer, Creative- Consultant, forager, photographer, girlfriend, sister, daughter, curious and studious by nature and I gather to remember that I am more than just this. 


I gather to reconnect to the spaciousness in side.  That through the process of living and ‘playing this game’ accumulates what I like to call “The social- residue.” I gather to wipe the slate clean.


I gather because ceremony and ritual nourishes that sacred space within me no earthly substance can.


I gather because as a teacher of this practice, I need to fill my cup so that I have a full cup to offer others a sip from.


I gather to remember the soft, sweet, subtle, sensual, sultry side of who I am. 


I gather because I believe believing in magic, enchantment and mysticism even just for one evening every so often is what separates the mundane life from a truly spectacular creative experience this life has to offer.





PS: here’s a lil poem… 




I gather 

to honour Moon

to start anew 

I gather

to nourish

to connect 

to accept blessings

I gather

to dance 

to sing let the magic in