The ‘Goddess Bath’ in 5 simple steps.














Photo by Jenn Clara Photography. 

Step 1: Schedule it in.

One of the easiest ways to actually enjoy your ‘Goddess Bath’ is to treat it like a spa appointment.  Sometimes, setting an intention alone doesn’t necessarily produce the results we want. A little action is required. So, pull out that day book, carve out 1 hour for your ‘Goddess Bath’ appointment.  In treating it like a spa appointment, try not to break it without rescheduling at least 24 hours in advance.  Over the top measures are worth it.  You are worth it. 

Step 2: Quick Prep.

Nothing worse than going to take a bath and realizing your tub needs a scrub.  Talk about buzz-kill.  To avoid any cleaning-related detours, do a quick clean of your ‘Goddess Bath’ staging area the night before.  Like the old adage goes “a stitch in time, saves nine.”

Step 3: Enhancements.

If you’re newer to the ‘Goddess Bath’ you’ll want to start with just a few, simple bath- enhancing items.  Of my favourites: Candles, Lavender essential oil and soft music.  There’s a myriad of options in terms of amping up the enhancements.  What’s really important is that we don’t add to the list of “things I need/want” in order to have this experience.  Start simple and little by little you’ll acquire little bits and pieces to add to your enhancement basket.  

Step 4: Staging.

Start by filling the tub with warm water.  Not hot.  In my experience, it’s easier to heat up a tub than it is to cool it down! You’ll want to check the temperature of your water around the half-way mark.  

  • Place your candles in a few of the corners of your tub, remembering to move any fire hazards out of the way (shower curtain, tissue etc.)  Don’t light the candles just yet.
  • Prep your music. For more mellow ambiance tunes, my favourites are: Emancipator, Garth Stevens and Zoe Keating. For a little more rhythm, my go-to is DJ Drez and Marti Nikko
  • Music or no music it is up to you. Choose that which relaxes you and perhaps opens you up to inspirational experiences and thoughts.
  • Check the water for temperature and add 5 drops of your chosen essential oil: Lavender is calming, Eucalyptus is wonderful for clearing the sinus, Rose oil is nourishing for the skin. Sandalwood is traditionally used to achieve deep states of meditation. 
  • Have a journal, pen, towel and your favourite moisturizer ready.  Coconut oil is delicious on the skin post bath. 

Step 5: The Ritual

What makes a ‘Goddess Bath’ different from your normal bath is the intention.  Bathing in this manner on New and Full moons is a symbolic act of cleansing the body, mind, spirit of anything we are ready to find completion with.  This is an opportunity to lovingly shine our spirit clean.

  • Take your time. Move half as fast as you normally would. Breathe a little deeper.  
  • Before entering the water, take a moment to behold it.  The moon is the master of water and water is the conductor of our physic abilities. The ‘Goddess Bath' water is direct communication with the cosmic moon. Her advice and inspiration lies within those waters.
  • Once you are comfortable, close your eyes, allow for a few breathes and think of anything that you’re complete with.  Think of something that you no longer need to live with. Something that has served it’s purpose and you can now let go and be clear of.
  • When you’re ready, keeping your intention in your heart, light your candles in symbolic gesture of letting light take the place of that which makes you feel anything other than radiant.
  • Journal, meditate, or simply listen….

Take the time to nourish your skin post bath.  This too is part of the self-love ritual.  Slip into some comfortable clothes and let yourself soak in any inspiration or insight that might have come up.  

Stay in the cozy haze of your bath for as long as humanly possible.  And when the bliss-cloud lifts, pull out that day planner and schedule a follow-up ;)

LIGHT always, all ways.