On Grace, Rituals + Sacred Tools with Paula Mallis:


What is your “before" New Moon Circle ritual to cultivate clarity and grace, when holding space?

I take time to center within myself, say a prayer, move my body, breath and ask that I be a clear channel that allows me to be of maximum service to those that are called to attend each circle and gathering. 

What Inspired you to facilitate New Moon Circles?

I felt called to bring women together in circle to honor ourselves, the divine feminine while aligning with the moon cycles. I had been a part of a New Moon Circle a few years ago that was powerful, transformative and supported manifesting my heartfelt dreams. I felt called to share what I had learned and cultivated over those years past, to those currently that are looking for the same connection, community and opportunity to be witnessed as we travel our own unique journeys. 

What is the true essence of the “New Moon Circle Journal”?

Danielle and I created the New Moon Circle Journal to offer women who are not local an experience of the work we are doing each month around the New Moon. The questions in the journal are the same ones we are currently offering at our circles we hold in Venice CA. The essence of the journal is to let go of old beliefs and stories that no longer serves us so that we may make space within ourselves and our lives, to allow for the magic and miracles to manifest. 

Why is it important for women to gather right now?

I think it is always important for woman to gather. Even though it seems to be trending, I don't believe that we are currently in a trend. Women have been gathering for ages and somewhere along the way we forgot how important it is for us to connect. The deep desire to connect and gather in community is even stronger now than ever because we have drifted from "the village" way of living and being. 

What advice would you give women who are looking to start a New Moon circle in their community?

In the New Moon Circle Journal we talk about gathering women together and how to create sacred space but my biggest advice would be do the work.....meaning the personal work within. The women that I have witnessed have the biggest shifts and manifestations are the ones that show up for themselves and work their process in between the new moon gatherings. Bring clarity to your heartfelt intentions! Be fearless and go Big! 

Name one muse that continues to inspire you?

My Grandmother! She is always with me in spirit guiding me and reminding me to never take any wooden nickels. 

What is your Full Moon ritual? 

My intention is in the near future to hold Full Moon Circles. I feel I need the most support at the mid way point between the new moons. For me the Full Moon is a time of solitude and devotion. I create a space for myself to reflect on the last new moon intentions and what the full moon is shining a light on for me to see, release or awaken to.

How do you navigate from darkness to light and light to darkness with ease and grace?

The transition from darkness to light isn't always with ease and grace for me in my experience. When I am met with the challenges and opportunities life is presenting me, it's usually because I am not willing to let go of Self Will! I experience the grace and ease when I finally surrender to what is present and accept what is coming forward for me.Then I become willing to tune into the wisdom that is present for my highest good. 

How do you wish women to feel after your New Moon circles?

Nurtured, Loved, Supported, Connected to HerSelf (higher self),Community, Uplifted!

What is your current Mantra, Prayer or Affirmation for 2016?

I am gracefully embodying soul-centered leadership openly sharing my authentic self and trusting Spirit as my guide.

What are you really excited about for 2016 and what were you grateful for in 2015?

am grateful for 2015 in all it's challenges and opportunities for growth and healing. I am calling in 2016 as the year of expansion, transformation and Light!!! 

-  Paula