What is your current morning meditation kriya to cultivate clarity and grace?

My morning meditation begins the minute I begin to blink my eyes open, feeling my connection to my heart and breathing into that space, setting the intention to remember that connection all day. After a cold shower, I sit down to do pranayam, then stretching and moving my body in a way that it craves, moving any stagnant energy (dancing, forward folds, spinal flexes), then a kriya followed by a meditation. When I start the day with intention and inward focus, I can tap into that clarity & grace all day long.

What is one Kundalini Meditation or Set that is rocking your world right now?

I’m loving the one-exercise kriya, Breath of Fire with Lions Paws. It makes me feel so expanded, radiant and I know I’m projecting what I intent to project. No mixed messages here!

What is the essence of the Kundalini Yoga teachings, in your own personal expansion? 

Kundalini truly is a technology that creates expansion in the mind, body and aura, an expansion that can be measured.  I feel my wisdom expanding, the neutral mind strengthening, leading me to understand situations in a new way, able to rise above and see the whole picture. Not falling into reactions and distractions, no longer a slave to my emotions. People notice my glowing presence without me having to say a word. And I can sense and know things before I hear the hard facts, thanks to my super power intuition.

Most of all, the teachings have lead me to be able to shut out all distraction and noise, so that I can hear the voice of my soul and know how to follow.

Name one muse that continues to inspire you?

This is a tricky one, I look up to a lot of women; Myrah, my sister Sara Jade, my mother, my Aunt, my grilfriends... I am like an inspiration junkie so it changes every moment!

What inspired the “Art of Indigo"?

Living in Japan, Indigo was something sacred, that took time, a process that I found beauty in from start to finish.  When working with my hands and creating I feel a vastness and bliss that doesn’t come from anything else.  As my career took me from hands on design and styling, to photography, to working full time in front of a screen, that magic fell away.  Through kundalini my creativity and desire to make began to bubble up again.  I started painting and eventually came back to indigo, remembering this infinite creativity within me.  Kundalini makes you more and more of your true self and I believe that each indigo piece a person creates expresses their uniqueness. No piece is ever the same. Just like how kundalini has opened me up to my authenticity, indigo expresses that same beauty.

What makes you feel Graceful and Victorious?

When I inspire others to see something beautiful and special within themselves that they forgot was there or had never recognized. When I can use my presence to bring joy and peace without having to say a word.

How do you wish women to feel during your Indigo workshops?

There’s something magical about creating together; sitting in a circle and using our hands to create, as our ancestors did. It weaves community, strength and support.

I want women to come together to experience the beauty of both shakti and bhakti, love and creativity. To connect with their authentic selves, building sisterhood, and feeling their creativity ignited.  

What are your rituals in regards to the New Moon and Full Moon phases?

I co-host a monthly new moon circle in Vancouver where I join together with a beautiful tribe of women, in community, song, sharing, movement and meditation. I look to the astro world for insight into the energies and planetary alignment.  During the new moon, I plant seeds and intentions, taking stock of where I’m at and what I can do to honor myself in my life, relationships, self love, career, spiritual practice, etc.  At the full moon, I focus on surrender, letting what no longer serves me fall away.  I also use this as a time to consciously connect and communicate with my partner.

During both full and new moon phases I connect to my womb, my femininity, and check in to see if there is something more I could be doing to nurture myself as a woman, and I take time to celebrate myself and all that I am.

What is your current Mantra, Prayer or Affirmation that you pull up for support?

“I am, I am.”  This reminds me that I am not my body, my title, my bank account... I am what I am, and I am connected to the cosmos and all that is.  I am both finite and infinite.  That energizes me, excites me and definitely puts any feelings of lack or not-enoughness in their place.

What are you really excited about for 2016 and what were you grateful for in 2015?

I am so pumped to be doing exactly what I’ve been dreaming about and cultivating for the past few years.  I get to travel to amazing places to teach and inspire women, connecting them to their divinity, creativity and power.

2015 was a big year. I moved back to my motherland after living abroad for 11 years. There was some uncertainty and bumps getting settled, but the sisterhood I’ve found through my incredible super woman of a sister-in-law, Sara Jade, and our new moon circles has been the most therapeutic, inspiring, motivating, joy-generating thing I’ve experienced in my life. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Sat Nam, 

Amber Joy