Meet The Sangat

1. Daily Rituals:

  • Tecchino coffee in the am with warmed hemp milk, coconut oil and some honey. 
  • Create and finish one thing. 
  • Move body. 
  • Wash face and use sunscreen.
  • Positive affirmations. 

2. What is the mantra or kriya that is your "go to" when you are needing to realign to your dharma?

I love anything by Bachan Kaur and Guru Singh. Pavan Guru is great when I’m needing some energy. I also have a soft spot for Krishna Das specifically Hara hara Mahaadeva it makes me feel very happy and connected.

My spare time has significantly decreased and so has my yoga practise but to keep me feeling balanced and energized I start the day with a 1 min breath meditation- 20 sec inhale, 20 sec exhale, hold for 20 sec this feels super nourishing to my nervous system. I’ll follow with 3 min breathe of fire, aura sweeps and 5 min silent meditation. Having a sweet and short practise has been key for me to keep up! 


3. What moves you?

Working with plants has been an unfolding relationship. The connection of the flowers and plants has significantly developed over the years- for me the plants, their color and vibration are my muse.

The Artist and her groovy vibe 

The Artist and her groovy vibe 


This is Holly Hoover aka Sangat Gobind Kaur. This magnificent multi talented, genius has roots in theatre, dance, fashion and costume design but has since turned yogi, fiber artist and natural dyer. She found plant dyeing two years ago and since then has merged her love of kundalini yoga and plant dyeing within her company, The Sangat


I am so happy to have the pleasure of working with her on our latest custom remake of the "house holder turbans" . This has been a journey of the reinvention of our Indigo Turban and knew options and styles like our newest addition... "Royal Bloom" Turban (a bundle of flower dyes with soft purples and blush pinks), inspired by The Sangats collection at Camp Grace last year along with the "Golden Chain" turban (a classic white with her original signature golden stitched trim). These are all 50ins by 2 yards and WE ARE OVER THE MOON with joy with this new partnership and friendship. 

Stay tune for more of this blooming collaboration. 

wearing the "Golden Chain" Turban.

wearing the "Golden Chain" Turban.