A very powerful yogic tool: The Tantric Necklace by Satamber

I had the pleasure of meeting Giangeet Kaur at RaMa Institute in Venice Beach, CA last spring, while down sharing in on a wellness panel.  She is the artist behind Satamber, Tantric Necklace Technology. 

`photo of Giangeet Kaur by Naomi Yamada

`photo of Giangeet Kaur by Naomi Yamada

She gifted my daughter and I matching tantric necklaces and I fell in-love with her graceful, angelic energy.

We have since collaborated on a beautiful offering called The Aquarian Family Collection, a tantric necklace for you, your beloved and your star children.

These "Aquarian Family" Tantric Necklaces are crafted from gemstones with mantra and amplified in benefits of the geometric configuration of the necklace. Together it adds a vibration of the gemstone properties that gives the wearer an expansive experience within themselves of their truest nature, sovereignty. (at least thats my experience!)  

you may purchase the Aquarian Family Collection  HERE  

you may purchase the Aquarian Family Collection HERE 

This set of Tantric Necklaces is created with Multi Colored Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Gold and Black Tourmaline:

Multi-Colored Tourmaline – Is all about Protection. It awakens compassion and tolerance in the wearer, brings lightness to all situations.

Rose Quartz – The gem of love. It opens the heart center, making it effortless to attract and give love. 

Gold – Abundance, wealth, infinite amount of possibilities in life. Gold has always been associated with wealth. It has the vibration of abundance. When we experience the universe as infinite we can then also experience an infinite amount of possibilities in our life.

Black Tourmaline - Is very protective, it opens up an awareness in us to have a deeper understanding of ourself and our environments. This understanding aids in bringing a lightness to all situations.

*The pattern of the Tantric Necklace was re-discovered by a student of Yogi Bhajan in 1983. This sacred geometry has been used for ages by masters across all traditions as a tool for higher consciousness. 

The Tantric Necklace consists of 416 beads arranged in an exact set of specific geometric shapes, together vibrating the totality of creation. This vibratory frequency is powerful, pure and a vibration of love. 

The wearer benefits as the aura of the Tantric Necklace is interwoven with the personal magnetic field. The magnetic field of the wearer is strengthened, purified and protected, allowing in higher thoughts, deeper meditations, and enhanced creativity.*

The mantra Aap Sahaee Hoa is chanted during the creating process for the Aquarian Family Collection. Yogi Bhajan said that this mantra will totally eliminate enemies, block the impact of animosity forever, and give us total mental self-control. AND it is said to be a prosperity mantra.  WOW. This couldn't be more perfect for us as a healing tool to provide to our community. 

I strongly believe that we are vesseling for one another and as entrepreneurs, makers and shakers we must keep the glass full, vibration high and a road map to lead us back to our heart when we lose ourselves in the media haze. (Take a Deep Breath ;) )

Truly excited to share this technology with you and add new sacred adornments to your temple.  

"Actually mostly you wear jewelry to decorate yourself, but there is a way to wear jewelry to energize yourself. Jewelry is not for decoration, it looks good. But once you ah… understand the stones and their energy, it's very beautiful." - Yogi Bhajan


Sound words by Giangeet Kaur :

"The Tantric Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry. What makes it so beautiful is that its beauty goes beyond the physical level. This necklace is a very powerful yogic tool, and, in my mind, essential for every human being.

The Tantric Necklace consists of exactly 416 beads arranged in an specific geometric configuration.

The geometric configurations found in the necklace date back to the middle ages, and are even believed to be much older than that. In 1983, a student of Yogi Bhajan re-discovered this pattern in the back of an old book. Upon being shown the pattern, Yogi Bhajan called it the Tantric Necklace and he immediately requested one to be made for him. In that year the first modern day Tantric Necklace was created from Lapis Lazuli and Gold. 

Imagine standing in the center of 416 powerful lights arranged in a perfect circle and all aimed at you. You are illuminated perfectly from all angles. Bright as can be... This is exactly what the Tantric Necklace does. It is a powerful frequency placed in a circle around the central energy pathway of the human being, the spine. It surrounds the spine perfectly and beams the primal universal love frequency into the spine from all directions. The spine is strengthened immensely and energy now flows with ease and stronger than ever before from the lower energy centers of the body through the heart center to higher chakras. The pituitary gland becomes activated, powerfully communicating to the pineal gland to vibrate at a higher frequency. The magnetic field, otherwise known as the aura, expands, becomes wider and brighter. You are protected. You are a light standing in the pure vibration of your highest self. There is clarity. A strong sense of self. A heightened awareness. All good is naturally attracted to you, all that does not serve you is redirected by nature. This is what the Tantric Necklace does. It illuminates you in a way that no other tool can. Instantly bestowing you with countless blessings of this sacred universe."

- As experienced by Giangeet Kaur, Creator of Satamber and designer of the Tantric Necklace pieces.

The Aquarian Family Tantric Necklace set created especially for Myrah and her family is crafted from Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Gold for understanding, acceptance, love, and abundance.

For orders on www.satamber.com use code MYRAH for discount.

photo of Myrah adorned in the  Aquarian Women's Tantric Necklace  

photo of Myrah adorned in the Aquarian Women's Tantric Necklace 

Beginning July 1st: A 40 Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Meditation for the Soul

Excited to share this meditation and embark on the journey of what is on the other side through this 40 day Sadhana. I will share a weekly blog post of my interpretations hoping to provide a web of support and open dialogue with shared comments below.

Although Sodarshan Chakra Kriya stands alone, in the way Yogi Bhajan taught it, you may want to do a warm up series to relax your whole body and to tune into and deepen the breath. You're going to be sitting relatively still for a while and that may take some preparation. Any practice will be complementary if the Kundalini YOGA practice is fresh for you. I personally suggest the SATTVA practice, Ashtanga or Dharma YOGA. Choose a practice that will regulate your breath and completely relax your body.

This meditation purifies, it takes care of the human life. It gives you the pranic power of health and healing. It establishes inner happiness and a state of flow and ecstasy in life. The kriya never fails.

To gain these benefits it requires different efforts from different people. Each mind has stored up its own pile of negative thought and energy. So each pit is cleaned on its own time and scale. You decide how much time you have and you need to invest in this practice. Treat the practice with reverence and increase your depth, dimensions, caliber and happiness. It gives you a new start against all odds. It saves you when internal pressures have become too great for any external influence or solution. It gives you the ability to stimulate yourself from the inside. Let's elevate our souls.

To begin please tune-in to the Adi Mantra 3-5 times (do it until you feel calm and present)  

Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.


The eyes are fixed at the tip of the nose. (This meditation is not to be done with the eyes closed).



Mudra & Breath:

a) Block the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril. Suspend the breath. Mentally chant the mantra WHA-HAY GU-ROO 16 times. Pump the Navel Point 3 times with each repetition, once on WHA; once on HAY; and once on GUROO, for a total of 48 unbroken pumps.  (please do your best) 

b) After the 16 repetitions, unblock the right nostril. Place the right index finger (pinkie finger can also be used) to block off the left nostril, and exhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril.

c) Continue repeating a & b Time: for 11-31 minutes. Master practitioners may extend this practice to 62 minutes, then to 2-1/2 hours a day. (Start practicing slowly— the slower the better. Start with five minutes a day, and gradually build your time)

To End:

Inhale, hold the breath 5-10 seconds, then exhale. Stretch the arms up and shake every part of your body for 1 minute, so the energy can spread.

Comments: This is one of the greatest meditations you can practice. It has considerable transformational powers. The personal identity is rebuilt, giving the individual a new perspective on the Self. It retrains the mind. According to the tantra shastras, it can purify your past karma and the subconscious impulses that may block you from fulfilling you. It balances all the 27 facets of life and mental projection, and gives you the pranic power of health and healing It establishes inner happiness and a state of flow and ecstasy in life. 

This is how to keep track of the counting.  
Inhale (blocking the right nostril with the right thumb, other fingers held straight up in the air). And then I hold, and then I count '16' - - how? One. two. three -- counts with the pinkie finger, moving it slightly three times. Four. Five, six -- moves the ring finger three times. Seven, eight, nine -- moves the middle or Saturn finger three times. Ten. eleven, twelve: -- moves the index finger three times Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen -- moves the thumb slightly for three beats. Sixteen -- brings the index finger over to block off the left nostril, as he releases the right thumb from the right nostril. Then Exhale through right nostril.  
You are open to try what works for you. :) 

May this journey bring light and strength to the inner you and may you share that light and strength with the world.

Sat Nam,