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LA LUNA SOCIAL: New Moon in Aries. The Art of Tarot Workshop in EDMONTON

Join us on our April 6th La Luna ceremony, where we will be welcoming a special guest to help guide us into this astrological New Year.  Register here. 

Meet Keshia, Founder of Souls between Stars. She will be holding space for La Luna Social. The New Moon will move into Aries on this evening and we will harness the energy of new adventures and the stories that are woven in between them. Keshia Coursaux is inviting all those curious or passionate about the subject of Tarot to join us for an intuitive journey through the life of The Fool.

Just like that whimsical first character in the deck, Keshia lept off that proverbial cliff with her first deck of cards and a backpack filled with a mix of anxiety and hope five years ago. Countless new experiences and nearly 20 countries later, she is back in Edmonton with a heart full of wisdom, faith and a passion to show others the magic of tarot and how it can guide you through your own plunges into the depths of life.

This will be a fun, interactive and eye opening workshop that will help deepen your connection to your intuition and sense of harmony between all that is. We will explore the way that physical tools can help us interpret the language of energy and help us to clarify the directions it would like to lovingly guide us towards.

We will still begin and end this evening with meditations guided by Myrah and ask that you arrive to this event with your favorite candle, cushion to sit on, crystal and a deck of tarot cards.

A minimum 10$ donation would be greatly appreciated for the Edmonton Women's Shelter.