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The Art of Crystal Grid" With Tracy Keough

The art of Creating crystal grids in specific geometric forms builds an energy field to support your life + goals. Together we will explore the subtle power and energy of crystals and the more common forms of crystal grids. You will understand the powerful vibrations of crystals and stones when chosen for a specific purpose using intention, meditation and Sacred Geometry. 


Join us as we explore various types of grids and crystals that, when open and activated, create a shift to connect, clear, or amplify energy. During our time together participants will receive the crystals and create an intnetion-focused grid.  Come explore the power of these incredible elements Mother Earth provides us.

Minimum Donation of $60 per person ( this helps cover Tracy's and La Luna Social's costs for creating a magical Workshop together)  

All who join us will get to keep your grid and the crystals provided. To RSVP please click HERE. 

Must Brings:

  • Meditation Cushion 
  • Pen and Journal 
  • Donation in envelop with your NAME on it (if not already paid online
  • Flowers for the altar 
  • An OPEN heart


For those of you interested in a more personal reading please email Tracy directly at All the info is below:

Intuitive Energy Session: $150 (for a more personal read)

Intuitive Energy work combines the use of specialized crystal therapy and intuitive practices to create a complete experience.

The intention is to unblock your energetic + spiritual body to balance your energy, clear your chakras and open your heart. Tracy will be visiting us early for anyone interested in having an Intuitive Energy session before hand so she may meet you to deliver your crystals from the session and share in the interpretation with you in person. Please email her ahead of time to book as she only has space for 5 sessions.