La luna social - Jasper, Alberta Chapter

Franceska Lavaggi

The people who know me best would undoubtedly say one of these three things:  I'm stubborn, annoyingly curious and a natural teacher... Whether it was business school at Capilano University in Vancouver B.C, running my own business as freelance Photographer and Stylist,  teaching Yoga to most recently- writing my very first E-Book, my natural ability as a leader, my curiosity and my stubborn streak have served me in ways I can't even explain.  Embracing my traits, embracing who I truly am has proven to be my secret weapon.

I'm 100% a student at heart.  I travel annually to India to spend months at a time learning about Yoga and the wellness practices of Ayurveda.  I have recently moved to a remote, off-grid community in Jasper A.B to learn the ways of nature and to explore the nature of my self.  Going to the source of whatever I am learning is the only way I can really immerse and embody the teachings.  What I come to learn, I teach.  With 10 years experience, my teaching methods range from the systematic like: Product development, Marketing and Creative- Consulting to the sublime like Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation.  

My other secret? I let my interests + intuition innovate what I study and teach.  While trusting that my core values will keep me anchored:

Pursue Growth and Learning Give Value, Receive Abundance