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Jana Roemer

Mama. Wife. Sister. Lover. Yogini. Devotee. Student. Teacher. Mentor. Astrologer. Healer.  In a chamber of perpetual transformation, to tell you who I am is to tell you who I was. The current metamorphosis I find myself in is so intense that I cannot write an accurate story of who I am.

After traveling the globe, in search of Spiritual sights, teachers and experiences, time and time again, I find the best teacher to be life experience itself. Hand in hand with my steady teachers of prayer and meditation, the moon and Mother Earth, forever admitting "I don't know," deep listening & surrender, the journey deepens. I relate more to the role of a hunter who returns to tell her tribe what she found on her journey, than the role of a teacher. Yet, I recognize that I teach. Not by telling, but by being. All I can share is who I am and what I have found to be true for me.

I hope to sit with you, to share with you and to listen. I'm sure it will be magic.