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Yoga + Photography + Food; soul vitamins that have been with me for many moons. Camera + journal; trusty side-kicks that have accompanied me through my journey.  Each, an essential ingredient in the powerful medicine that has allowed me to transform, heal, love and ultimately, to live.

I left the glamour of Dental Hygiene, since it left me feeling a little down in the mouth (that's a pun and bad joke) and entered Entrepreneurial business school. Along the way I managed a personal and professional development training company in London UK, wanderlusted Europe and Asia, created a line of organic cotton bags that were featured in Oprah Magazine, and studied Life and Health Coaching. During my training to become a Certified Health Coach, I spent the better part of five years in my kitchen flirting with the fundamentals of raw foods, vegan, vegetarian, Ayurveda, paleo, whole foods, and pre/post natal nutrition. Yoga (for the past 10 years) and various spiritual philosophy (over the past 20 years) have been the platform on which every good thing in my life has been built. 

Motherhood and family life however, have been my ultimate accomplishment and greatest pleasure. It is here in the sweetness of ultimate creation that I have witnessed both beauty and truth in the minutest, the silliest, and the most ordinary of moments- all by simply being present to my biggest teacher and muse, the 3 year old light that that is in front of me. Now I am honoured to share my life experiences and offerings so others can taste their own sweetness of life.